Branding and marketing you

It’s a brand you day! Let’s make the most of it.

Your brand is a direct reflection of what you believe in. Your brand is also what people think of you.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re involved in – you could be a retailer, a dentist, a lawyer or a hot dog vendor. Your brand and how you market yourself can create raving fans and clients for life, or one time only users and consumers.

What adds fuel to the fire is the abundance of choices clients have as they go about their day to day lives. Living in a time of too much selection and stimulation can hurt the bottom line of every business operating. Consumers can feel overwhelmed and simply by default make a choice not based on wonderful past experience and great service from you. Instead they may choose the path of least resistance and take what is being promoted to them in the moment or what is most convenient at the time.

That’s why how you brand and market your company is so ultimately important. The key is to keep your company on the radar and top of mind to the consumer no matter what may be transpiring in their busy lives. You want their choice to be you, no extra thought required.

Having the pleasure of working with so many unique and different companies in regards to their branding and marketing needs, has allowed me to assemble some of the best practices that have allowed them to shine and stay on the radar.

I’m happy to share a few of these gems with you now.

  • Know this and repeat it daily to yourself and your team – Your entire way of life depends on the success of your brand.
  • Be you. To stand out in our over-communicated, manic world, you’ve got to establish and own a unique, personal, honest, meaningful clear position. Please do not try to be like the “other guys.” I have seen so many businesses falter because they followed the pack. Own a position.
  • If you want to survive and thrive you must become “Remarkable” at what you do. To break through the noise and reach your target market, your only option is to have a brand worth talking about. P.S. if you think you’re remarkable already I call B.S. – You can be better.
  • Know this, live this – Your brand is promise that has to be fulfilled. Your brand will live and die with the actions of every employee. Make sure everyone on the team fits the brand.
  • A Billboard advertisement will not save your company. The message here is, you must develop or have someone help you develop a sound marketing plan. The money you spend in proper marketing development will help create a deep emotional bond with the consumer and your brand. You must commit to a long term marketing campaign to yield long term profit and please don’t take advertising advice from your family or friends. Just because they may not listen to radio, read the newspaper or source information on-line does not mean your target market doesn’t.
  • Know this – Your brand is your culture.

I recall Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon once saying, “Advertising is the price you pay for having an unremarkable product.” I believe with proper marketing and branding, remarkable things will happen for your remarkable company.

It’s a brand you day, enjoy!