Break The Rules


One of the biggest reasons many businesses of our day are faltering or not gaining market share is because of the stubborn, outdated rules and philosophies that many just won’t let go of in the now. I’m not talking just small mom and pop shops; I’m talking businesses of all sizes that have become bloated with bulging corporate manuals and red tape. It’s the down fall of many long time retailers that have not adapted.

In a nutshell, the only things slowing many of you down are the rules you need to break. The path to growth in our economic climate is filled with obstacles, but these are just hurdles that can be jumped if you format and develop a new mindset and attitude towards the business culture of today.

The pursuit of opportunity in a vastly changed market compared to years ago will require you to think differently and forget about your self-imposed business rules that are paralyzing your growth or livelihood in your industry. This can be scary for many, but it will be those brave souls that just let go and embrace the new frontier that will succeed.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself and some tips for you that may help ease the pain, prior to monetary gain.

  • Is your business model staying current with your community’s needs and the trends in your market?
  • Has your particular product or service become over saturated in your territory? If so what are you doing to set yourself apart?
  • Is your business so unique that you have few competitors, yet sales are down? Are you holding onto a business dream that is yours, though it may not be the right place or time for that dream to live? Can you adapt your offerings in a different way to inspire your target market?
  • Have you passed the reins to your son or daughter but not allowed them to shine with the new ideas they may have?
  • Is your door open? Is your door really open, that without fear or discouragement, any staff member could walk in and offer suggestion, comment or question anything about your business?
  • Are you happy? Is it time to change it up for not only the businesses sake but for your own well being and joy?
  • What would it feel like if business was even more than you expected to be? What would it feel like if you did not have to live in fear, doubt and worry about your company’s success?
  • You don’t have to live in fear, doubt and worry. You just have to let go, stop living with so many rules and be open to a new way of doing business in a vastly changed world where change is a constant and a prescription for business survival and profitability.

At the end of the day, most of us got into business because we had a dream and a passion for our chosen path. The money was a benefit of living our dream. If the payday is not what it used to be, maybe you just have to become a dreamer again?