Business SOS – Call before you’re Critical

The joy and satisfaction that comes from being able to help companies navigate and rejuvenate in these interesting times we live in gives me nothing but pleasure and pure inspiration.

Years ago prior to the existence of my company Retail-Evolution, I was fortunate to have worked closely with a number of American business consulting companies. I realized in very quick form the positive effect and direction outside consultants could bring to the table. Many businesses that required specialized help could not effectively solve the problems that were internally or externally created; they required a fresh set of eyes, ideas and direction to guide them to a brighter future.

I was also aware that once a business owner or management team got over their fear and judgement about bringing in an outside visionary, it was not only a call to action, but a call about caring also, caring about the livelihood of their business, staff and community.

Calling in an outside source is not a sign of weakness or defeat; it’s a sign of the times. Dramatic change in consumer trends, ongoing evolution of buying habits and lifestyle changes have given rise to a new set of market needs. When one identifies those needs and new strategies are developed remarkable success can be had. Outside consultants have the distinct pleasure of bringing a wealth of resources into a business that has been focused on what goes on inside its own four walls. Strong consultants are visionaries that see beyond those walls and share the vast knowledge they have accumulated, leading to positive change and profit.

Now time for some tough-love business style, I have seen a disturbing trend the last couple of years and it shows no sign of slowing down. Far too many businesses that could benefit greatly by some outside help are just waiting too late. Human nature, pride, opinion of others or just plain old fashioned fear are causing the call to be made too late. The business may already be on life support and the doctor can’t save the patient. Don’t let this happen to you. Think about all that would miss you if you business was not here tomorrow. Your livelihood, your passion, your staff, your customers gone.

This does not have to be you. The moral of this article is – help is a call away, call before your critical. Here are a few tips to help you find the right consultant:

  • Define your problems or needs. You want to be sure the consultant you hire can help you with your specific requirements.
  • Your problem is unique to your company. Don’t buy a prepackaged solution; make sure your consultant has customized solutions for your organization.
  • Please do not shop for bargains. You will get what you pay for, the benefits you receive from a good consultant will far out way their expense.

The future is bright, believe!

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