Business survival – a checklist

Profitable and enjoyable retailing in today’s economy relies on you sparking innovation, igniting positive change and taking direct action.

Fresh idea generation, improved experiences and new blueprints for success are three key elements equating to strong ROI in a rapidly changing retail landscape.

I’ve developed a popular checklist used by many of my business clients in the USA and Canada. This checklist helps business owners set a course for personal business success and positive growth. Below is a sample of what the checklist has to offer. If you wish to have the entire checklist, I offer it free to all those that are interested. Just go to and follow the instructions – it will be sent to you instantly. Use this checklist to help navigate a course of happiness, profitability and longevity for you, your team, your customers and company.


  • Do you agree and understand, your entire way of life depends on the success of your brand?
  • Have you created your own unique, personal, honest, meaningful clear position in your industry?
  • Is your branding reflected consistently across your social media platforms?
  • Is your business truly remarkable at what it does?


  • Are you continually reviewing your marketing strategies? Even if it’s worked for you in the past, it may have zero relevance to your current consumer base. Be prepared to stop using certain modes of advertising. This may be uncomfortable due to lengthy relationships with advertisers past, get over it, you’ve got a business to run. The past does not equate the future.
  • Are you marketing you company in the most effective ways possible? Your business may have a face for radio or it might be TV pretty. No matter what you personally believe, you must have a strong online presence. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you don’t have a strong social media and online presence your future world (or city) domination will be extinct before you know it. It’s all about being social in today’s consumer centric world. Today’s customers review, shop, purchase and comment online about everything, get used to it and become a part of it.


  • Does everyone on your team fit your brand? Your brand is a promise that has to be fulfilled. Your brand will live and die with the actions of every employee. Are you igniting the passion in those that live and breathe your brand? Are you releasing those in a quick and effective manner that don’t serve your image?


  • When filling your sales floor, do you focus on faster selling and higher profit items to show and go?
  • Are you continually liquidating everything over 90 days? This inventory represents cash. You must get over the bad decision you may have made in purchasing some lines that didn’t perform well, clear out the stock and move on. Let it go.


  • It’s a brand you world. Are you coaching and mentoring your team to excellence in delivering the top notch level of service you wish to convey?


  • Do you lay awake at night worrying about your company’s financial health?
  • Are you just getting by and concerned at times you won’t have enough cash on hand to pay the bills, payroll and other unforeseen expenses?
  • Do you want to know how you can provide for future investment and growth in your company?
  • Have you convinced yourself that there’s no profit in retail like the old days?
  • Are you unclear on how to enhance and grow the profit in your business?
  • Do you question why you went into business in the first place when you look at your bank statements at the end of the month and wonder where all the money went?


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