Can You Hear Me Now?

Clarity – The clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

The above definition was given so we’re all clear about clarity. I, like a good percentage of modern progressive business people have always operated my companies, coached my staff and worked with my clients with crystal clear clarity. Trust me; this by no means has always won me the popular vote. In fact, my direct approach attitude of telling it like it is has certainly ruffled some feathers along the way and that’s fine with me. Some individuals would rather you sugar coat reality as they wish for their best outcome, allowing them to debate the not so wonderful end result upon it’s finale. Smart business does not let this happen.

This approach of being clear is still foreign to a segment of business, however the sooner they catch the wave the better. Think about it this way, every time a consumer makes a purchase online, they are given in great clarity what to expect. From price guarantees, return polices, delivery times and other options. These policies are in writing for all to see, no grey area.

When it comes to staffing, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be clear. Don’t, in this day, and age make vague promises of what could be. Tell it like it is, you will build a culture of high performing individuals that respect your clarity and will come to rely on you knowing they will get the straight goods. These people will be your future leaders, instill in them the good judgement of being able to be honest and less drama- filled in business.

When it comes to working with your customers, be clear with them. You have to teach your consumer base on how to do business with you. Many customers have picked up bad habits from prior experience and it is your job to raise the bar in customer excellence simply by being clear with them. If you don’t have the right product for them-tell them that, direct them to who may be able to serve them. If you are not getting the information you need to help serve a client you have a business relationship with, be clear and direct on how business is done with you.

Bill Maher who always has very interesting guests on his show, this past week interviewed Richard Dawkins. Maher, who loves the direct approach and Dawkins who is known to speak his mind got into a conversation about clarity. One of the comments Dawkins made was “clarity is threatening, some people can’t bear clarity. They want you to weasel around and be obscure. But if you’re clear, if you stand up and say clearly what you think and what you’re saying, then they will think you’re being threatening aggressive, strident, and shrill.”

Weasel around? Forget about it. Choose to be clear my friends; you need not be threatening, aggressive, strident or shrill to get the true point across and you will benefit so many.

Ah, I can see clearly now the drain is gone!