Even a dog can wag its tail

It’s tough out there, business is hard, and things aren’t what they used to be. I can’t find the right staff or seem to keep good talent. Just a sampling of the words I hear echoed by so many souls so frequently.

So many questions come to my mind to ask the leaders and decision makers of those companies when I hear their battle cry yelling “business sucks and I feel my staff under perform”.

I will share with you one of the first questions I do ask. Many times I know the answer to this question prior to one word being uttered. I can read the answer to the question on the face of the individual or individuals, their expressions and body language say it all.

The question is, are you truly happy in the work you do? It goes without saying there will be certain times we won’t be on the top of our game for one reason or another. We are human beings and having emotions is part of our deal. It’s just very important when we are in positions of leadership that we have fewer of these moments rather than more of them.

People rely on leaders to be role models of their brands, products and services. The strong leaders of today’s most successful companies show guidance, support, strength and a genuine compassion for their staff and client base.

It’s your job as a progressive leader in our modern time to check in with yourself and ask, what am I putting out there? If you’re projecting a negative persona, and walk around with a scowl on your face, how do you think your staff and prospective clients will react? If you choose to lead in an old fashioned way of fear based management, your revolving door of staff turnover will remain swinging as consumer confidence in your product or service dwindles.

This is not rocket science, what you put out, you’ll get back. A great leader has a great attitude. The future is always bright even if you are in the thick of a dark patch. A great leader is engaging to all, a strong communicator with a smile on his or her face. A great leader has a calm elegance and a strong focus on what’s right, rather than what the corporate manual says is right.

A great leader doesn’t live in the past, or rely on how things used to be done. A great leader lights up a room with energy and brilliance. A great leader is honest with themselves when they decide to ask the question, are they happy in the work they do?

The most important take away from today’s script, is even if you’re not going to make huge changes in your attitude or way of being, smile; be happy and kind around your staff and clients, because even a dog can wag its tail.