Exceptional Customer Service

You can’t fake this. You and your company either deliver great customer service or you don’t. The days of being able to say that you do, when you don’t, are over. It doesn’t matter if your business is in Winnipeg or Winfield. Word of mouth has been replaced by word of mouse, Twitter, Facebook and so many other social media outlets allow instant reviews, opinion and customer experience to be blogged about in an instant.

Well over 60% of the buying public is doing some sort of research and review online prior to making a buying decision and that number is steadily increasing. The good, bad and ugly of what you and your company do or don’t do has become an open book; best you make it a good read.

Many companies excel at delivering exceptional customer service, it is part of who they are, they live it, breathe it and it’s a natural part of their being. Others not so much, they have not lived up to the expectations and promises they have made to their clients. They have done the bare minimum, if that, and plug along in their own way weaving a web of justification about how they are the best at what they do. Heads up, best Google your business and see what the word is on the Cyber Street.

For those that continually deliver that unforgettable lasting impression of positive customer service above and beyond, I salute you. For those that may need a refresher or a complete overhaul find listed below a few tips on where to start.

  • You must establish a customer service vision. This vision should be your mantra on how you value your customers and employees and how you pledge to serve them unconditionally.
  • Attract the right people to work for you that believe in your vision and love to serve others with honesty and integrity.
  • Walk your talk. You have to commit and truly follow through with your vision, not just say you do.
  • Be 100% honest with your customers. Do not tell them things that are not true, regarding pricing, quality, delivery dates, service etc. Take a stand and be honest. You will be a standout in your industry if you tell it like it is. Live in complete transparency.
  • Under promise, over deliver. I know you have heard it way too many times before – so why do you still not do it?
  • Listen to your customers. Talk to them, ask how their experience was shopping with you, how can you improve. Be open, take some action.
  • If you have made a mistake, make it right. Many companies just don’t get it. It is not a sign of weakness or defeat to correct a problem for a customer. Just make it right in quick measure and carry on.
  • Thank your clients. You have to give thanks always. These people are why you are in business, don’t forget it.

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