Eyes wide shut

The reality =

No business or industry can rely on what has worked in the past to bring them economic success in the present and future.

The problem =

Far too many ‘yes men’ and ‘yes women’ in power positions, including management and middle management have drank the company kool-aid. Many of these individuals have gotten fat off the company’s financial buffet offerings and don’t want to lose the all they can eat world they live in.

These individuals are scared to open their mouths and speak the language of change. They hear things such as “toe the company line” “this is how we’ve always done it” and “step up” unfortunately biting their tongues rather than contributing with the great minds many of them have.

These ‘yes men and women’ have long lost the zest they once had. These future leaders and world changers have become complacent and content in just doing what they are told rather than rattling the company cage with fresh ideas and vision.

The problem stated above is the old boys club at the helm of many companies. The greys have created fear based environments as sales slip further year by year. ”Immediate results are required now!”, they yell putting further pressure on the ‘yes men and women’ they have under their thumbs, expecting new results by doing the same old thing.

You will see more and more businesses and industries cease to exist or completely change their business models to survive in the near future simply because they have become old, outdated and ineffective. This problem won’t go away as long as there are people at the top of the company food chain that have been around way too long, and as well as too many ‘yes men and women’ in power positions that have developed laryngitis when it’s time to be vocal.

The solution =

No more ‘yes men or yes woman’. Encourage creative free thinking, surround yourself with dynamic personalities that put you outside your comfort zone.

Embrace change, clean house, hire, fire, develop new strategies, and become shiny and new. If your competitors are headed in one direction, go the opposite, stand out. Insist your people contribute with their minds. Question everything, don’t follow the pack.

You must learn to break boundaries and let people speak their brilliance without consequence. Hire attitude over experience, and if you really must surround yourself with ‘yes men and yes woman’ – fire yourself then. The preservation and future existence of the organization and the talented people depend on change.