Fire Away! Releasing Toxic Customers

Wake up call, the customer is not always right.

Yes I know, you were programmed at an early age by your superiors that no matter what, the customer is always right. Well I’m here to tell you that’s complete malarkey.

You and your company were never going to win the popularity vote with every consumer out there just like you are not going to be loved by everyone you personally cross paths with in your life. That’s the reality of the world, embrace it, live it and enjoy the positive results that come along with the truth.

Having been a business strategist for a great portion of my life, I’ve seen more than my share of customers that have become completely unrealistic with their demands and threats made against companies they feel have wronged them.

There does indeed come a point of no return where it’s better to agree to disagree and wish the client well in their future dealings elsewhere. Yes they will tell the world about the terrible experience they’ve had with you, they will scream their story over the social media platforms for all to see. They will tell all their friends and family generating unanimous support from the ones that mean the most to them and they will all vow never to shop with you again.

Good, you don’t want them as clients anyway. If you are truly customer driven and stand up to your part of the agreement without fail, you don’t need to be dealing with people that simply want to make life difficult for you and your staff. Let them take their business elsewhere.

Here’s the deal, I know of no companies that have never made a mistake and somehow let a customer down. The moment you open for business there is a chance something unforeseen or unintentional may occur. A special order may arrive late due to unforeseen shipping problems, your reserved seat on the airplane may be occupied due to an honest mistake and your Caramel Macchiato may be too bitter. My friends, these mishaps do not give the customer the right to disrespect and rage on you or your staff. If you sincerely do your due diligence in righting the wrong in a realistic and fair way, I commend you.

If you have been fair in resolving the problem to the maximum of your capabilities and justification and still are being pressed to do more to a point of being taken advantage of while enduring unsavory conversation and attitude – Fire the customer, eloquently show them the door. Bold move it is, but trust me this type of client is one best served elsewhere. It you have created an environment in your workplace that is caring and appreciative to all that you enter, you don’t have to tolerate those that disrespect your culture. The voices of your customers that are raving fans will be far louder than the few jerks that spew their toxic banter. With some customers, you have to fire a few to keep your business true.