Girl Power – Women Roar!

It’s astounding that we live in such a dynamic time of magic and marvel, change and creation and still have women being ignored, dismissed or not taken seriously in the mainstream marketplace. This is pathetic.

Why? Why are so many companies, organizations and individuals not recognizing the brilliance, power, equality or superiority women have as decision makers, consumers and trendsetters?

Billions of dollars are at stake here every year, you would think common sense and smarter minds would prevail and cater to female consumers, with open minds, open ears and attentive acknowledgement however,  many companies don’t, and this should be embarrassing to them. It should be embarrassing to them for not catering to one of the largest growth segments with discretionary income there will be in our lifetime. Embarrassing for leaving all that money on the table that will be spent elsewhere, an given to a company that listens, acknowledges and serves the way women deserve to be treated.

Contrary to belief, this is not a man’s world, this is a shared planet and smart businesses best start wrapping their minds around that. From new home purchases to vacations and automobiles, from home furnishings to computers and appliances, electronics and home improvements, over 50% of these purchases in North America are made by women and that number is growing.

So where do we go from here? Well to start, companies, organizations and individuals have to learn to lose the fear. The fear of change, the fear of equality, and the fear of what they may encounter when new ideas are brought to the table challenging the old regime. Many companies are run almost entirely by aging males whose philosophies just don’t resonate with the evolving culture and consumerism of strong, prosperous intelligent women. That has to change.

Future business success requires you to invest in women. I mean this in a multitude of ways. You must invest in them from the boardroom to the showroom and you must invest in the proper coaching for you and your team to understand that women are not invisible. They deserve the same respect given to male co-workers and consumers. Women are decision makers that have a voice in much of what is purchased in our everyday lives, pay attention to them!

This huge growth market of female shoppers requires personalized attention; learn that details are very important, as is the trust factor. Equality and understanding is paramount. Listen closely but please don’t try to paint everything pink. Female-friendly is one thing but the majority of women will run away from a “women’s product”. Women are different from men and that is a wonderful thing. Marketing to them may require some changes in how you do business and this is not hard to do. I could write a book on this subject alone and I do speak on it frequently. Please learn to cater and respect this wonderful female market segment.

You deserve the best ladies! Women Roar!