Geoff Mintenko, CEO Retail Evolution – Thought Leader, Writer, Dreamer.

It’s way too easy to get emotionally and personally involved in the constant flow of negative business news that cascades into our lives on an ongoing basis.

Change is constant in our lives; in business it’s no different. Personally, I’ve always thrived in the uncertainty of business. The embracing of the unknown has often kept myself and those around me fresh, current and relevant in a competitive market no matter what we were involved in.

In saying that, one of the main characteristics that has helped myself and other aware business owners cope with never ending change has been the art of living in complete gratitude.

When living in gratitude becomes a permanent way of life, the energy that surrounds you and those around you, yields so many positive benefits that even during times of dramatic business change, life is good.

To this day, I live in gratitude for all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to work with and serve when I was a retailer. Not only during the great profitable years, but also when we were changing direction and moving onto the next adventure.

By communicating to your employees and those that support your business about how grateful you are to be associated with them and the contributions they make, you are contributing to the well being of their lives and yours.

I’m sure many of you are giving gratitude constantly; however I’m happy to have assembled a small list that you may use as a reference if you wish.

Give gratitude to these people daily, it’s a positive thing to, and darn it – it just feels good!

  • Your family, they are living this dream with you.
  • Your staff, they are helping you live your dream and theirs.
  • Your customers, they are keeping your dream alive.
  • Your suppliers, they keep you stocked up.
  • Your transport company, they deliver the goods.
  • Your accountant, it is a numbers game.
  • Your advertising reps, not as glamorous a job as you may think.
  • Your community, pay it forward.

The list could go on and on. Customize it to fit your unique establishment and life. Change is constant; living in gratitude is a positive companion with change.

Today, I give gratitude to you, for taking the time to read this.