Happiness is a dry Martini

‘I’ve seen a million faces and I’ve rocked them all’.

That line of creative lyric genius from the song ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, first sung by Jon Bon Jovi in 1986, echoes the pure enjoyment this performer has when he’s on stage.

 You must understand that whether you are the president of the company or one of the wonderful individuals that make up the team in the organization, you are all on stage.

The point being, to excel in any given business you have to love what you do when you are on stage, just as the energy and passion flows from the likes of Bon Jovi when he’s rocking a venue. The stage is your business, your office, your store, your truck, wherever you do business.

We all have things in our lives that we are passionate about. When I am abroad doing sales and management training for various companies, part of my curriculum is speaking about living and working with passion. It’s very important that people are coached to help them excel and live to their fullest potential while they contribute those passions to the business environment of which they are part.

Many of the most successfully run companies in our world hire individuals based on their true passion and interests. The individual is then form-fitted for a particular role in the company where their personal skill set, passion and happiness to succeed is allowed to grow and spread.

Long gone are the days of cookie cutter job descriptions and dusty old corporate manuals that must be followed to the letter.

By allowing individuals to contribute things that truly are inspirational to them, many more best practices are created, stronger teams are built, staff turnover is dramatically reduced and profit increases.

Happiness in the workplace reduces employee sickness, drama and negative energy. Clients that deal with companies that encourage and respect employee individuality and passion, have a much higher client retention factor and positive image in the communities they do business in.

There are so many positive spin-offs from hiring, coaching and supporting the passion each individual has inside them.

My personal happiness shines by helping so many different business sectors in North America excel in these exciting, challenging times. I love the stage I’m on and I do love a dry Martini.

The stage is ready for you, get up there and show them what you’ve got!