Hot Gossip

I have always loved the art of conversation, the emotion, the words, and the body language. These are elements that simply can’t be truly expressed through email or text messages.

I hope as we continue to grow as individuals and business leaders we don’t forget the importance of keeping the human aspect of face to face communication in our lives. The great conversationalists of our time have created peace, ignited passion, and have expressed to us a vision of what our future is to look like.

I’ll now share with you some of my favorite business quotes I’ve heard throughout my years. Many are from one of my mentors Roy Williams, a true conversationalist and business aficionado. Perhaps one day you will share some of these face to face with someone you care about. Talk over text; it can make all the difference.

–       Over choice is a constant temptation, but passion is a way of life. You can do two things half-heartedly or one thing whole-heartedly.  Which do you choose?

–       Too much has been written about financial goal setting in business, and too little about how we can measure success in more meaningful ways. So let me ask you: What are your milestones and dreams?

–       Geniuses are just regular people, doing what they love. Do you love what you do?

–       You are alive. You are here. Make the most of it.

–       Do you realize that all the people you will see today are hoping to buy something from you? Please don’t disappoint them.

–       Look around and care about what you see. Your dream will sprout soon enough, open your eyes and look around.

–       Each morning as I open up my office door, I say to myself “Encourage the people around you, for you never know who they might become, or what tomorrow may bring.”

–       Success is often the result of noticing what others have overlooked. What might you be overlooking now?

–       Any investment in sales training is an investment in your own gross profits. The only thing more expensive than hiring a sales trainer is not hiring one.

–       Getting people’s money is easy once you have persuaded them to give you their time. Win the time of the people and their money will follow.

–       The fate of your company is in the hands of your people. Train them well.

–       Always be quick to forgive the employee whose initiative causes you trouble; this person is golden.

–       Successful companies don’t train their customers to wait for a sale. Do you?

–       Can you make people feel good? More importantly, will you?

–       Take a chance. Risk failure. Change something that needs changing.

–       Never quit learning. Never quit becoming better.

Though these quotes may not be your typical water cooler gossip, shared with the right people you’ll be planting words of prosperity and purpose. Let’s give them something to talk about!