Hottest Christmas Gifts

My friends, the best gifts we can offer each other are never found under a tree.

The best gifts we can offer each other and ourselves is the gift of appreciation. The power of living in appreciation and sharing that appreciation with others creates magic in our lives.

Appreciation can turn dreams into realities, weakness into strength and goodness into greatness.

To live in appreciation opens up limitless possibility in business and personal pursuits. You may be one of the enlightened souls that understand the power of living in appreciation. For those that are not quite there, but are ready for an uplifting experience in your personal and business lives, I highly recommend you give it a try. You may find in a very short period of time your mood, energy and outlook on life greatly enhanced. This not only benefits you personally, but also all those around you at your business and at home.

We are all unique individuals; you just have to decide to make a personal effort to become aware of all the greatness in your life and truly start to acknowledge it. My appreciation and gratitude for my life and all that’s around me starts first thing in the morning each day and doesn’t stop ends until day’s end.

My day starts something like this:

  • I appreciate the excitement of a new day beginning and the adventure of it all.
  • I appreciate sharing my life each day with the one I love.
  • I appreciate seeing the smile on our dog’s faces and the wags of their tails.
  • I appreciate the laughter Karen and I share constantly.
  • I appreciate my surroundings, our home, yard, mountains and lake.
  • I appreciate my upbringing, the wisdom, love and support from my parents.
  • I appreciate my past, I have learned so much.
  • I appreciate my teachers and mentors they have shaped who I am.
  • I appreciate the world we live in and am in awe of its beauty and wonder.
  • I appreciate having the ability to help others.
  • I appreciate my business and all those I work with.
  • I appreciate the unlimited opportunity in our world.
  • I appreciate knowing and using The Law of Attraction.
  • I appreciate getting to a point in my life where I understand how fortunate I am.

This will be different for everyone; this is just a personal slice of me. The main thing is you have to be conscious of what you are in appreciation for. Say it out loud or in your mind, but be clear in what you’re focusing on.

We all have the ability to live fulfilled, productive, adventurous, meaningful lives. What we focus on grows, if you do decide to focus on appreciating the great things in your life (trust me, there are many) you are bound for even more fulfillment.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I appreciate you all!