I love the smell of urethane!

You read right, I love the smell of urethane in the morning.

We may all have our trademark likes or loves when we get up and start our days, yours may be the fresh air you breathe with the aroma of coffee in the air, or the smell of your puppies breath, or maybe it’s the scent of opportunity setting the pace? The fact is, mine is the smell of all of the above with the addition of skateboard wheels made of urethane.

Call me crazy if you will, I won’t take it personally, the fact of the matter is, if you haven’t had a passion for something that you live and breathe for that rocks your world when you wake up, you just can’t relate.

Photo: Contributed
Geoff Mintenko skateboarder, Kennard ramp circa 1979

I was a boy from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and in my youth I picked up a skateboard at age 9, and in that moment fell in love with something that would change my life forever. From my first skateboard that was purchased from Simpson-Sears that had urethane wheels, to the boards I bought from skateboard shops throughout Canada and California, I have always loved the smell of urethane skateboard wheels.

From skateboarding at an amateur level to going pro, for over 40 years ago now, never missing a beat, from skating skate parks like Carlsbad, Uplands, Del Mar & The Big O in California back in the day. To loving the old school carve of The Richmond Skate Ranch in Richmond B.C. during its heyday. The smell of urethane wheels still gets my adrenaline running at my age of 49 as it did when I was nine.

My love for skateboarding has never diminished; I have never not hopped on one of my 40+ skateboards that I have in my quiver (collection) since that early age, I have never missed an opportunity to shred. Skateboards are in my office, on my walls and under my feet constantly. The smell of urethane and my passion for business success is something I live for breathing in every day.

I know, many of you will never understand the skateboard culture, or the joy it brings to so many. That’s not the point of this story. The point is – find your Urethane. If you don’t have something that really makes you feel alive – it’s never too late to change your wheels.

The smell of success is always in the air. Let’s roll!