Idiots Sell Rolexes

I love the times we live in, never before has there been so much opportunity and inspiration around every corner.

Retailers that understand how to play the game of servicing the ever evolving consumer stand to reap the profit and glory that’s created inside the brick and mortar shops they take pride in operating, along with the virtual on-line stores that shine and glisten in cyberspace.

One big thing that still separates the high performing retailers vs. the many others fighting it out within the new age Roman coliseums we now call shopping malls, is that the high performers have never forgotten-It’s all about selling the solution.

Time for a quick refresher one and all. The really great salespeople in our world do one thing constantly that sets them apart from the rest, they sell the solution. They don’t just sell product, they sell by solving specific problems.

I remember Tom Peters saying a few years ago “Idiots sell Rolexes, geniuses sell the Rolex lifestyle”. Think about that for a moment, to paraphrase the marketing gurus of our time, one doesn’t sell a “Rolex watch”. One sells “what it feels like to be a Rolex watch wearer”.

What holds for Rolex holds for every sale. It’s important that your sales force be constantly checking in with themselves at every stage of the sales process. They should be asking themselves what solution will help solve this client’s particular situation.

Inspired selling and understanding your customer’s needs involves bringing out the absolute best resources available from your talented sales team and creating the best outcome available for your client.

Trends and styles will come and go, but human nature and the pride of ownership of the things we each acquire in our culture is here to stay. The really great salespeople of today are the feel good ambassadors of our consumerism. They make us, the purchasers, feel great about our decisions, and they make the company they work for stand for something more than just profit.

Idiots sell Rolexes, geniuses sell the Rolex lifestyle. Be that person that sells the solution and the feeling, it really is a win-win.

Happy selling!