Is Your business Mickey Mouse?

I hope you answered yes to the above, now let’s talk Disneyland. Billed as one of the most magical places on earth, Disneyland offers its customers a fantastic experience in what customer service and pure joy for the end user should be about. For those of you that have not been, you must wrap your minds around the sheer number of kids of all ages that converge to any of the Disney resorts all looking for that magical memory to be created.
Hundreds of thousands of people annually, the majority over the top excited to be able to meet their favorite personalities. These are not just your every day run of the mill personalities like the Lindsey Lohans or P Diddy’s of our world, these are the big guns, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck, just to name a few.
Now think for a moment, if you or you and your family after all your initial planning and built up excitement about your pending Disneyland experience, entered the magical kingdom and it didn’t live up to your expectations. Let me explain more, what if Mickey and the rest of the crew simply weren’t in top form. What if they were moody, pouty, and standoffish? What if they were noticeably not into being happy in the magical kingdom? That would sour you experience, wouldn’t it?
Well thankfully that doesn’t happen in Disneyland. The reason is Mickey Mouse and the rest of his friends enjoy what they do, they don’t have bad days. Mickey Mouse is always happy, he is smiling and energetic. He knows how important it is to give everyone that comes to his house an unforgettable positive experience. He knows he has an important reputation to uphold and he doesn’t take that responsibility lightly.
You and your team have to be like Mickey Mouse in business. True we may all have our off days; however it’s very important that you leave any negativity or moodiness at the door. Do not allow your negative emotion to be spread to your coworkers or the customers that are looking forward to seeing you today. If you find yourself having these feelings of negativity ongoing at your work place, please do everyone a favor and find other work that you are better suited for. If you are a business owner or manager and you are the creator of these negative emotions at your work, please do some soul searching and reach out for guidance. Your customers, current staff and future employees deserve inspired leadership and positive motivation, always.
Mickey Mouse never has a bad day. You and you staff are the Mickeys of your magical kingdom. Your customers are looking forward to seeing you today, what kind of experience are you about to give them?
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