My company RetailEvolution was born years ago, out of a passion and love of helping people succeed, and in turn having them help others succeed –  Simple concept, great results, but the journey is far from over. 

I am fortunate to have owned and been at the helm of a hand full of retail stores before the evolution of my consulting firm, so believe me friends when I say – I to, have been on the front lines. I know what it’s like to have to make payroll, keep on top of supplier invoices, pay your buildings rent or mortgage, insurance costs etc. I have lived, breathed, laughed, cried and occasionally had a sleepless night or two.

All those emotions and feelings go with pride of ownership and creation.  In addition to that, we are are guided by our own set of principles and values that will simply increase our bottom line in a positive perspective or diminish it, not allowing our company to be all it can be.

I was the type of retailer from the start that believed the pie is big enough for all of us and we shall all get the share we are deserving of. This philosophy is one I still believe in and it has never failed me. In fact I believe it is more important than ever that all retailers of today share this powerful mindset. I was also a retailer that was aware, I was not going to be for everyone – product wise, price wise, attitude wise etc –  I was  fine with that.

No matter what your store sellsYou will never be everything to everyone. Wrap your mind around this.

This is where true Karma comes in. I was always aware what my competition locally and in the surrounding area was specializing in. But it was of no interest to me at all,  the volume of business they would write, what their overhead was and all that other jazz. I knew if they were stand up retailers, they would get their piece of the pie, and that was cool!

I also knew that if my store did not have what a customer was looking for and someone down the road did – I would send them there in a heartbeat.  That’s right, I would send customers that came into my store to a direct competitor. It was and is my duty to help this person solve their problem. I still hear it, when I am out consulting from a number of retailers – Well that was stupid, You just lost a sale. No my friends I did not have a sale to lose – What I have done is built a trust in that customers mind and that is golden

I cannot tell you the amount business that my stores created in the long run, by those exact clients I sent elsewhere so their needs could be best served – but it was always substantial. My stores were top of mind when they were looking for products we sold. Did I expect my competition to do the same for me? Absolutely not – I was not asking for a trade, I was just doing what is right for the consumer.

Look I know many of you will never understand this and some of the larger corporate stores still outright forbid it. To that I say – Your loss. What goes around does come around, even in this aggressive over retailed world we live in.

What I can tell you is I see huge shifts on how power retailers are doing business with an ever more intellectual culture knocking on their doors and believe me – They have their Kama pencils sharpened.