Know No

Know this word, use this word – no. If you were taught in business that “no” is a bad word, time to become re-educated. Know this, the reality is there is positive power in being a “no it all”.

  • Say no, to holding onto outdated business practices.
  • No more rules.
  • No more following the pack be the leader in your industry.
  • No looking for the popular vote from others, be your unique self.
  • Say no to doing things the same way as you always have.
  • Say no to treating your staff all the same way. Give them personally what they require to succeed.
  • No more judgement.
  • No more harmful gossip.
  • No more drama.
  • Say no to your business partners, franchisees, or management team if something is not right. Have the guts to make a stand.
  • Say no to having your employees work excessive hours. Allow a healthy balance to be achieved for themselves with their families.
  • Say no if you can’t truly deliver what your customer is asking for.
  • No more unrealistic sales quotas or competitions.
  • No bad days.
  • Say no to staff picking on and bullying other staff. Have the courage to terminate offenders.
  • No more doing business the same old way. Allow the creativity from the great minds around you to share their ideas.
  • No more dealing with suppliers or manufacturers that no longer suit you or your company’s vision, no matter how long you have done business with them.
  • Know when to say no to you customers, they are not always right. Teach them with kindness why they may not be right in these situations.
  • No more excuses, take action.

The positive nature of saying “no” has many benefits. If you allow yourself to question and look at all the other possibilities of things you were taught in business and life in general and how simply shifting the context of them can have such a new effect. If you’re able and willing to open up your mind to the possibilities, you are on your way to adapting to the ever changing business world we live in, and to you I say congratulations, your future looks bright!