Licence To Thrill – Business 007 Style

James Bond, love him or hate him, that British spy has style, confidence, awareness and other attributes that all align making his image memorable and unique.

I believe successful businesses share many of the same elements that make up the character of Mr. Bond, James Bond.

I also believe if you take your business far too seriously and don’t allow the element of play, fun and enjoyment to balance out the work day; sorely you’ll never know what you, your team and clients have missed out on.

Play with me now, as I review what it’s like to do business 007 style, and just watch as more Moneypennys role into your till.

Brand You – James Bond is a standout. His appearance, style and mannerisms create a memorable experience. You want to be a standout in your chosen field. The way your products or services are presented, the way you market and your company’s image presents itself are going to be a direct reflection of your earnings. Make a choice to stand out. What’s that? You want to follow what the others are doing? You just want to work hard and do what used to work? Hmmm, I’ve forgotten you already.

Keep current with technology and trends – Bond always has more cool and fancy gadgets at his disposal than Goldfinger has gold. The point is, to be seen as relevant in today’s business world it’s important to be current. Doing business with you should be seamless and easy. From the ergonomics of your stores’ layouts to the tools your team has to work with, keep fresh and cutting edge.

Confidence – James Bond is cool as a cucumber, his awareness and confidence in his abilities have allowed him to stay on the top of his game and many other things. You and your team have to know, live and breathe your services or products. The deals will go to those whose confidence and sincerity shines through. You can’t fake this, either believe in your surroundings or leave your surroundings.

Style – Bond has style, do you? What sets your services or products apart from the others? Do you have your way of speaking or presenting your offerings that has your personal style imprinted on it? Years ago, I operated a fairly large furniture store in Victoria, BC. We personalized every picture frame and furniture piece with its own name, hundreds of unique names for all the products. My entire staff dressed in black and their individual styles showed through in the way they talked, did their hair or in the uniqueness of the black outfits they wore. That store was talked about not only in Victoria ongoing but in every relevant home style magazine throughout Canada for years.

Focus – Bond has a very clear focus on his task at hand and doesn’t waver from his directive. If you want to succeed in today’s over stimulated heated up business world you have to focus with laser vision on your target market and not get distracted by all the other crap going on around you.

In James Bond’s world he always seems to get the girl and the bad guy. I just want you to get the clients you desire so you could write your own success story, you know, perhaps like these; The Shopper Who Loved Me or Customers Are Forever.