Loosen the bone Wilma

Contrary to the belief of certain individuals, the type that maybe watch Fox news a little too much, business is strong for many companies throughout North America.

Numerous business sectors are poised for strong growth and expansion as positive economic shifts are occurring in many sectors.

One of the challenges for many companies when the market is hot is keeping their best people from quitting.

Being poached by a competitor is not new, promises of a better working environment, company perks and enhanced remuneration have always had people jumping ship. However there are ways to attract and keep your key talent from leaving other than increasing your payroll.

Here are a number of things you want to stop doing, to ensure your best people don’t quit. So sit back, relax, and loosen the bone, it could be wound to tight. These points listed below could save your key staff that fit so right.


Stop treating everyone equal.

Wake up! Your employees are not equal. Some produce more and some are worth more. Your shining stars need to be treated differently. It’s your duty to treat all staff fairly, but the key is not to treat them all equally.


Stop micro-managing.

Enough said on that?


Stop having so many rules.

It’s okay to have direction and guidelines, but don’t have so many rules that they get in the way of your stars doing their jobs effectively.


Stop holding back praise and rewards.

Give to get. Great performance and behavior that you want repeated should be rewarded immediately. Don’t wait for your weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings to spread the love, it may be too late.


Stop tolerating mediocrity.

Think about this, really think about this, your A-players don’t necessarily want to play with a bunch of C-players. Your stars are in the big league; treat them as your VIP’s. Being mediocre does not help keep prime talent.


Stop not having fun at work.

You have got to loosen the bone. Could one of the many rules you have state that work must be completely serious? You want to create a work environment that’s relaxed and fun. Happy staff look forward to coming to work every day. The workplace should be fun. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great talent in companies I’ve ran and I can safely say, the fun never stopped. Frisbees were thrown down hallways, special lunches were brought in constantly, skateboards cruised in warehouses, creative hats were worn on hat days and slurpees slurped on hot summer days. The point is a fun workplace is a more productive workplace. Introduce some fun into your work place, the notion that work cannot be fun is completely counterproductive.


For those that didn’t have the fortune of growing up in the 1960’s and living in a time when the animated show The Flintstones ruled one of the four TV channels most had. The term “Loosen the Bone Wilma” came from an episode, well when the bone in Wilma’s hair was just a little too tight. It’s true friends, we can learn from a working-class Stone Age family. Yabba Dabba Doo!