Natural born thriller

You, that title is about you.

When you wake up in the morning, what is the passion and adrenaline that fuels your journey for the day?

Are you filled with optimism, joy and pure curiosity on how great your day will be? Don’t you just vibrate with the anticipation of how your positive energy and genuine zest for life and business will create a positive and impactful ripple effect on all those people you will encounter today?

I’ll let you answer for yourself, however my instinct tells me some of you may wonder what planet I’m from and be questioning are those emotions felt by anyone that is actually breathing and working in the interesting times we live in.

Surprisingly enough, I am from planet earth and there are millions of others like me that are busting at the seams when we awake, wondering what incredible events will occur today and can’t wait to let the adventure begin in helping others excel!

Straight up, if you are in any kind of leadership position, you should currently be in ”Natural Born Thriller” mode or be making a strategic plan to shift into the zone.

The main reason many companies are not performing at their optimal levels is not just because the economy has shifted. One of the main reasons is the lack of internal inspiration, motivation and a genuine lack of love that many leaders have for their chosen position. It’s the love of the paycheck rather than the love of helping others, staff and clients that keep so many miscast in roles they should not be in, as diminishing returns, low morale and endless staff turnover become the norm.

Now here’s where it can get ugly pretty quick. If you’re from a time when you were taught it’s dog eat dog out there and only the strong will survive, or believe in things like your employees are lucky to have a job, I’m here to tell you, a shift in mindset and an attitude adjustment may be exactly what your company may require to be a profit and happiness machine in the current world.

Never before have there been available so many great resources at your disposal to help you get your thrill on. Stop talking to your same old sources that keep telling you the same old stories of woe that you’ve heard way too many times.

Take some time to do some research. Just Google a few different things like – top business practices, engaging and exciting employees, modern management techniques, etc. You will be amazed at the wealth of current information at your finger tips.

You have the power not only to get back in the game, but actually enjoy playing the game again while helping others and increasing business profit and longevity.

Need an immediate resource to get some inspiration from? Read or watch anything that Richard Branson has said about management attitude and employee engagement and the relation the two have on business success.

Got thrill?