New York City is No Moose Jaw

We are all unique. We all make different choices throughout our lives. Where we live, what we drive, what we eat, where we shop, you get the point. The list of our unique differences are endless, and it’s those differences that define us as the individuals we are.

Operating a successful business in this uncertain, uncharted economic territory is no different. Its unique differences that are setting apart successful companies from those that are in mind- numbing survival mode.

Uniqueness in business is a good thing; it keeps you on the radar, allows you to fly your own flag. It lets you be you, with your own sense of branding and identity catering to those that are looking for that unique experience.

Successful business in the present is not about following the pack; it’s about running as far away from the pack as you can and never looking back.

Successful business is about creating your story, a story that’s as unique as you and your community. Far too many retailers move into new markets and don’t know what hit them. They extend shopping hours like in the major markets; they hire far too many staff and promise them the world. Projections and expectations are often set too high for the unique market they are in. The revolving door will soon be activated. Staff, managers, business partners, they will come and they will go, they will come and they will go, and the same old tired excuses will be made all over again.

The reality of the situation is, New York is not Moose Jaw. It doesn’t matter if you are expanding business to a new area, buying a franchise or developing your own idea whose time has come to shine. You must develop your own unique identity and customize it to that location. Those that wish to play in a brick and mortar playground and have any amount of ongoing success must realize that business is personal. It is as unique and personal as the community they are in, the staff they hire and the beliefs which they stand for.

Those principles and uniqueness’s are as different as New York City is from Moose Jaw.

Here are 3 tips on being business unique

  1. Develop an attitude. I mean a good one! Make shopping with you a unique experience. You and your staff are on stage-put on a show!
  2. Customize. Don’t open your store 10 hours a day, seven days a week if it doesn’t warrant it. Stop burning out you and your staff. What truly best serves you and your community?
  3. Tune out. Tune out negative opinion, suggestion and gossip. It will always be there, just don’t absorb it. Many people will always be quick to advise or question your way. Keep unique.
  4. Always, give more than expected! Your uniqueness will give them something to talk about much more than corporate ordinary.