No Size Fits All



Success in today’s new economy is being dominated by those companies who know who they are and what they stand for – no if’s ands or buts’ about it.

I have never seen such a dividing line in retail as what I am witnessing in the now. There are those retailers that get it and those that don’t, or simply won’t change due to their unhealthy attachment to the past and on how things used to be.

The winners hands down are the retailers specializing in a product specific, with a direct focus, attitude and language all their own. These companies understand not everyone is their customer and are quick to make a clear separation of those they cater to and those that are not the right match for them in the products they retail or the services they provide, they get over it and get on with it – They do not waste their time or their staff’s energy and resources trying to convert people to do business with them.

These trail blazing companies relentlessly and creatively continually build a customer base that gets them, understands them, and wants’ to enjoy the features and benefits of doing business with them, creating an emotion and appreciation of joining a select group of other individuals that share those same values.

These companies break boundaries in their own industries, create a language all their own and love being known for, and specializing in one great product category  or service, always giving the most absolutely, incredibly fantastic experience for their clients – igniting customer passion – Think Starbucks.

The sad flip side to this is there are so many companies that don’t get it. They don’t get it because many of them don’t know how to get it. They have seen things done one way for so long it’s all they know. They were falsely taught everyone is a potential customer, they were falsely taught if they just added one more product line to the mix or a new service maybe that will help the bottom line, not understanding each time they did that they moved further and further away from the original passion, story and focus that gave their business individuality and zest.  

The fact of the matter is it may be too late for some of you to increase or maintain your market share – you decided to play by some outdated, stubborn manmade stuffed shirt rules and nobody used their voices in a strong enough way to make a difference in your company as the world around you was changing dramatically.

Time may not be on your side; the resources needed to reinvent or refocus your business may or may not be there – but know this, if there is a true passion and direct focus in your business and you are willing to specialize in a specific market, live, breathe and believe not everyone is your customer – but relentlessly promote and cater to those that are, you have a far better chance of existing in our constantly changing, wonderfully chaotic new world of commerce and consumerism.



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