Opposite World

I don’t care how your grandfather ran his store. I don’t care how your father ran his store. I don’t care how most old school retail consulting companies advise their clients on the issue.

What I do care about is you running a successful, enjoyable, profitable  retail operation. In order for you to do that, I would encourage you to do the complete opposite of what you may have been taught by your forefathers or other guides of past, in relation to your interaction with your clients – bottom line, leave them alone!

That’s rightLeave them Alone.

Stop your  pouncing, hounding, following and meaningless small talk, like you are fostering a life long bond with a new friend. A couple of key factors are at play here.

Love it or not we have become a society that does far more research on line prior to making a purchase. What this does for most, is make us a much more educated consumer prior to us entering the brick and mortar arena – that’s if we  have to shop outside of the convenience of the Internets calming aura. We have become far more educated consumers, with loads of data at our fingertips, giving us reviews and performance ratings. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling cars, appliances, furniture, electronics etc. More information than we need is at our fingertips – we have become know it all’s, we need not rely on a salesperson to give us the information we need, we to a large degree have the answers.

The second big factor at play is time. Time has become a limited resourcein most peoples lifestyles. We are living in a society where everything around us is moving at light speed. We drive faster more efficient cars, our computers pump out data for us at lightning speed, our phones are more than phones, they are magnificent devices that multi task for us doing three things or more at once etc.

The buying public for the most part have become programmed to want things fast and easy – they are on a mission and that mission is to be completed in record speed, they do not want to waste one extra minute of that precious commodity we call time.

sincere hello upon the client entering your business is always in style – and truly be there for them if questions arise, however to follow, pursue, pounce or downright bore with small talk to nowhere is out. I have seen sales more than double and even triple at stores where a more casual approach in greeting and selling has been taken.

Do not underestimate the power of the new consumers way of shopping. The client is and always has been King, they are just flexing thier power more in the now. So back offLess is More. Get used to the new reality and enjoy the process. The sooner you realize not everyone is your customer and you give up control, your customer base and your cash register will be singing a happy tune!