It’s quite simple. We work with all different sizes of companies from Entrepreneurs just starting out to large companies who want help in developing new strategies.  We’ve helped dozens of unique companies in many different industries improve their business profits and improve the quality of life they live for themselves.

Package Outline:

Financial Controls – We’ll talk budget. Delivered Sales, Cost of Goods, Advertising and Occupancy Expenses etc. We’ll review everything we need to, with the intent of building a budget for predictable net profit. We’ll help you develop formats to track P&L performance. We’ll help you develop bottom-line objectives and goals.

Competitive Advantage – Why are you so special? You better know this. If you don’t, your customers don’t. We are going to talk about what you have over your competitors and how we can capitalize on your uniqueness.  Companies with true competitive advantage generate greater sales, higher margins and retain more customers than their competition. We want you to have competitive advantage. (P.S. you can’t fake this, but we can make this)

Strategic Planning – It’s hard to accomplish anything without a plan. We’ll talk setting goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. Strategic planning allows you to be distinct for a long time, rather than extinct in no time.

Merchandising – Details, Details. It’s important to sweat the small stuff, retail is detail. It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you sell.  In brick and mortar stores, if your floor layout isn’t clean or your displays are not visually pleasing, you’re leaving money on the table. If you’re retailing online and your website and social media isn’t living in the wow factor, you’re leaving money on the table. We’ll help you get some design Zen in your step and more profit in the bank.

Delivery and Warehousing – In the restaurant business the term “back of the house” means where the chefs create and other support staff work. Without the talented crew in “back of the house” there would be no restaurant. Your warehouse is the “back of the house” for your business. We help you with making sure everything is working as it should “back of the house”. Reservations recommended.

PLUS all areas from the Business Optimizer Package:

Growth Optimization – Building upon your personal business foundation, we format a specialized blueprint for accelerated positive business growth and longevity for your company.

Sales Management – Business is personal. Inspirational coaching, along with management and sales training assure individual goals and store goals are maximized.

Organizational Structure – From your personal Mission statement to your vision statement and beyond. We will assist you in the development of your company’s organizational chart, staffing processes and job descriptions, all leading to performance improvement and happiness.

Sales Processes – We will review and assist you in the development of an evolved selling system that best fits your company in the now economy. We’ll focus on a fresh approach in goal development and strategies, stimulating staff and customer interaction creating long term relationships.

Marketing – Let’s review your past and present marketing strategies with our focus on your future world (or city) domination.

Branding – It’s a Brand You world. We’ll focus on branding your company, rising above the noise and clutter (rocket fuel included) (well, we’re the rocket fuel, get it?)

Ideation – Idea brainstorming results in spectacular ideas yielding spectacular results. Example of a great idea – Hiring us!

Advertising – Has your business got a face for radio or is it T.V. pretty? Maybe paper pleases you? But no matter what let’s be social, are you inline online? We’ll help develop the plan.

Public Relations – No it’s not about kissing babies and shaking hands (well not really). It’s about getting your company exposed to the right audiences and winning their vote for your product and services. (P.S. we’re really good at P.R.)

Big Idea Generation – Guess who developed the logo idea for Apple Inc? Well it wasn’t us, but it was a big idea and we come up with big ideas like that every day!

Promotion – Your entire way of life depends on the success of your brand and how your brand is promoted. We are experts in the realm of promotion, equating to the ongoing success of your brand and lifestyle.

 Investment $2997 month.We meet weekly via scheduled phone calls (30 to 60 minutes average) and unlimited email support. We operate on a month by month basis – we don’t require you to commit to lengthy contracts.