Power Retail – No Rules, Nice profit.

None of your staff are created equal. None of your staff’s personal needs will be identical to any of their co- workers. The sooner you acknowledge that, respect that, allow that and cater to that, you will operate a heather, happier, less drama filled profit center for all involved.

Prior to the development of my consulting company Retail-Evolution, I had had the pleasure of managing a number of high performing companies in a multitude of industries, from very large retail outlets to smaller highly specialized luxury markets and then eventually owning my own successful businesses.

The common thread to the success in the companies I was at the helm of was really quite simple, I’ll break it down into three main principles:

1. The product and services we sold were right for the markets we opened in.

2. Our staff. Our staff was the most important element to our successes.

3. My approach to throw away the corporate manualand treat each individual in the unique way they needed to be treated, to serve our staff and do as much as we could for them, as I expect them to do for our clients.

This concept of giving and catering to staff in this way is still fringe to many out there. There are still those that feel their staff should be lucky to have a job with them and if they don’t buck up and tow the company line then they will be toast. To those I say thiscall me! Maybe there is still time to help you before you lose the staff you don’t deserve to have or worse yet,  you lose the business you don’t deserve to have ( Don’t worry I won’t wait up for your call).

All fun aside, learn to give. When you start to really appreciate the great staff you have, listen to their needs and allow, you will see great returns you never would have imagined. I know many of your want to play by the outdated rule book that still that says things like: your entitled to two 15 minute coffee breaks a day, you can have one hour for lunch, your entitled to three weeks vacation a year, you can take one  sick day a month, blah, blah, blah – you want more out dates?  Here we go: Your expected to come in one hour prior to your shift, no personal phone calls at work, no changing shifts, no extended vacation days, mandatory attendance to meeting after work hours, you are to work extended hours during the holiday season – You get the point, no flexibility. Those days are history people! Get with the program, flexibility, compassion, caring – These are the things that are setting Power Retailers apart from the soon to be extinct club of retailers past.

Your staff doesn’t know how much you care until you show them how much you care. Someone want an extra day off? Give it to them. Someone want an extra week vacation this year? Give it to them. Someone can’t attend that product knowledge meeting afterwork? Don’t freak out, update them the next day, the world will not end my friend.  The positive spin on this for you is a more dynamic, happy, well adjusted staff, less tension, less turn over, more profit and more fun – That’s right Fun! You forgot retailing, owning or managing your store could be fun didn’t you?

Maybe,  just maybe it’s time you took a stand against the poison of the past, look and treat your staff as the unique individuals they are, throw the rule book away – and Play!!!


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