Power to the People

Encourage, coach, support and empower your employees every single moment you have an opportunity to do so.

The people you employ are the backbone of your business.  Whether you’re the president, owner, partner, team leader, manager or one of the many forms of leaders there may be in your company, it’s your duty to be there for your staff.

The most successful companies in North America and abroad have a vision and passion that set them apart from pack. The level of support that is given to their staff is unparalleled. The top 100 companies to work for in North America put their people first 100% of the time.

The personal focus on the well being, encouragement and mentoring of these companies staff has a direct and undeniable positive and powerful effect on the consumer base they serve.

Staff job satisfaction is generally well above average in these companies, staff turnover is far less and morale is high. To truly support your team unconditionally is a win- win-win for you, your team and your clientele.

You just have to make the choice to be there. Be there for those people that rely on you for direction, guidance and support. Be there for those people that require your strength, you advice and encouragement.

When you decide to be there for your people, put down your corporate manual, cast aside old beliefs and prepare for the magic to occur. Increased staff pride and increased profit await you. So where do you begin? Here are a few hot tips to get you headed in the right direction.

  • Praise your employees
  • Coach them to excellence
  • Let them get wide recognition
  • Foster a climate of innovation
  • Ask them for their ideas
  • Help them grow
  • Give them exciting work to do
  • Tell them they make a difference
  • Be sincere
  • Ask them for feedback
  • Keep your door open
  • Remain accessible
  • Be honest, tell them the real deal
  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Give them exciting people to work with
  • Remunerate them well
  • Trust them
  • Don’t micro manage
  • Let them learn from mistakes without living in fear
  • Teach them
  • Don’t assume
  • Be happy around them, smile
  • Celebrate victories and failures
  • Allow their uniqueness to shine
  • Support them

Well there you have it, a tiny sampling of the hundreds of ways you can empower your people. Just make the choice and do it. I can’t express enough on how the mentors I’ve had in my life have had such a powerful effect on me living life to the fullest in so many ways. If you pay forward the knowledge and caring nature you have been blessed with as a strong leader you will create a positive and supportive ripple effect in so many people’s lives you just can’t even imagine.