Retail Evolution – Real Speak – Retail Radio

Evolve, follow or get out of the way. Your business or industry is doing one of those exact things right now.

Your business is both evolving and changing with a vision towards future growth. Or, your business is following the pack, doing what your business sector has always done, and hoping for different results. Or lastly, the writing is on the wall and you’re strategizing an exit plan.

Quite frankly the last two directions suck, and I feel truly sorry for you if your business falls into either of those categories. I can safely say in personally helping dozens of different companies in so many different industries over the years, the number one factor in a company’s demise is their reluctance to embrace change and evolve.

I want your business to succeed and I’ve developed a new tool for you to utilize. I’d been approached by various sources to produce and develop a radio show focused on the retail sector.

Always wanting to continually evolve my own business and pay it forward, Retail Evolution’s, Real-Speak Retail Radio show was born. This radio show is now featured on Apple iTunes in their business section and has hit their New and Noteworthy chart within its first week on iTunes.

This podcast can also be found on PodOmatic currently featured in their NEW marketing and management category on PodOmatic.

This weekly radio show is filled with no holds barred real-speak on brands, commerce and consumerism. This is a current and essential program focused on modern profitable retailing.

Ready to embrace change and evolve? Hop in, buckle up and hang on! Your Retail Evolution, Retail Radio Ride is about to blast off!