Shiny Happy People

The companies thriving in today’s wonder world understand that employee happiness has a direct relation to their branding, image, profit and longevity.

You don’t have to look far to understand that initiative equates to happiness in the workplace and marketplace. Look around and you’ll see those that are most inspired and coached to excellence at their workplace not only excel in the environments they call home during the work day but that creativity and happiness shines with them wherever they go. 

Think about it this way, every marketplace rewards innovation. Mainstream consumers and business investors love things that are fresh, stylish, shiny, remarkable and new. We just have to take a look at a company like Apple to get a clear understanding of how beautifully this all works. Anytime Apple is about to release a new product, people start to line up in the streets to be one of the first to take a bite out of the new shining offering that is being released. 

It’s important to understand that a huge part of a company’s success such as Apple’s is due to the creative, fun, happy culture that has been nurtured by them since day one. Companies that welcome fresh ideas and make the right decision to invest in their team and business model stand not only to create internal happiness, they also stand to create competitive advantage in the market place.

Doing work that’s fun is engaging and has an interesting side effect; it helps in the creation of products, offerings and services that are perceived as fun. Apple has hit this nail on the head. I still get shivers thinking about when I got my first iPod, iPhone and iPad and that excitement is still there for me when I think about what may be next from them.

Products and services like Apple offers require initiative and happiness to produce. You can’t manage your way to initiative. You just have to start creating a culture where initiative and happiness simply flow effortlessly and you will see the unlimited potential that is being created in no time.

The moral of this blog is simple; most organizations simply don’t support or foster a culture of true happiness in their employees. Organizations that choose to destroy the status quo win. Be that business owner, manager or individual in your company who inspires other individuals to change the rules and thrive.

Whatever your status quo is, changing it and fostering happiness in your environment gives you the opportunity to be remarkable. You do want to be part of something remarkable, don’t you? Shiny happy people, could there be a song there?