Smile, Happy Looks Good on You.

The Upside Down.

It’s one of the only things that keeps coming to my mind. I’m referencing the show Stranger Things. For those that haven’t been watching the show, the Upside Down is an altered reality existing parallel to our actual reality.

The Upside Down is something that I’ve been experiencing while shopping at many retailers the past few years. Now maybe it’s because I’m a sales trainer and strategic retail business coach, or maybe my spidey senses are set too high?

But people – when has the art of being greeted with a smile gone out of fashion? Are you retailers really happy with sales teams that wear perma frowns and do everything they can NOT to make eye contact? And don’t get me going on the lack of simple clear communication skills.

Seriously, friends – get with the program. Smiles are ALWAYS in fashion. If you are finding it harder to run a profitable business, constantly have staff turnover and have just decided to work with what you have – you will fail. You wonder why so many souls are choosing to shop online? It’s not just price dudes – It’s your lack luster shity service that is having a direct effect on your bottom line.

Think about this, you and your family plan a big trip to Disneyland. It’s your first time there. You plan with eager anticipation months in advance, the kids have sleepless nights and can’t wait to finally see Mickey Mouse. The big day arrives. You arrive and are granted entrance to the magical kingdom. You see Mickey in the distance!! As you all approach him – he looks at you with a glum furrowed brow, bows his head down and turns away from you. How do you feel? Exactly!! Your staff are the Mickey’s of your kingdom what experience do you want your fans to have? (Mickey Mouse is ALWAYS smiling, happy and attentive).

So here’s the deal, tough love retail style – Get with the program of hiring and training shiny happy people, that are present, aware and caring. People that smile and are confident in the simple art of human to human communication (and not tuned out Zombies glued to their phones when they think no one’s looking) – or start to plan your going out of business sale NOW.

Ya, I know pretty harsh – Tough. It’s a fact, deal with it or get someone to help you deal with it. Smile, happy looks good on you, and your team. Spread the joy! Get out of the Upside Down.

Geoff Mintenko