The Good The Bad and The Ugly



My business and my passion for being a real speak consultant and strong advocate for the progressive evolution of the retail sector has allowed me to bear witness to some incredible polar opposites in how business is being done, and believe me these opposites don’t attract.

There was a time not long ago many retailers in many communities went about their daily business, without a care in mind- without a care that is except for their own pocket and not much else really mattered.

These companies really didn’t stand for much, many weren’t community minded, they didn’t treat their staff with the respect and courtesy they deserved, in fact many employees were probably told they were darn lucky to have the job. The quality of customer service from these retailers was virtually nil and heaven forbid you had a problem with your purchase after the fact.

These stores simply had no soul, but did they serve a purpose? For a period of time maybe, in many cases they were one of the only shows in town or in the area, no real stiff competition, nobody challenging their outdated principles and beliefs, there were where the desperate shopped and those that simply didn’t know that there was better service, selection and respect to be had elsewhere. Many of these shoppers had been programmed to think that poor service was the norm in societywell it just isn’t so.

Enter the now– Our retail world is changing with lightning speed; people are not just talking about their experiences by word of mouth but by word of mouse. A huge retail revolution is upon us customers voting for what they believe in by where they are spending their dollars and it’s sending a clear message.

That message is being heard loud and clear by the progressive retailers of today, and trust me they will dominate the market. From the big box retailers that hear your voices and get it more and more, to the small mom and pop stores that have made a commitment to be the best in their field.

No matter which category you may fit into, here are 5 core values of progressive retailing now:

  1. Be True – remain honest and authentic to your staff and customers.
  2. Be Respectful – of your staff, your customers, your community, your world
  3. Be Unique – stand for something, think creatively, and celebrate differences
  4. Be Relevant – learn, be ready to change, impact your industry-make them talk
  5. Be Fun – play, be professional but always have a light heart.
  6. Always’ Always’ Always’ s give them more than they expect

Your either in or in the way my friend, the choice will always be yours, until it’s not.

Choose wisely.


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