The magic of MACY’S

I’m an avid consumer. I love MACY’S and absolutely no doubt about it, I love to shop. My consumerism has been a great benefit to myself and my clients in more ways than one as my business has grown over the years.

Being a visual person, combined with a strong background in retail and retail floor layout, has allowed me to develop a laser vision on what’s working on a retailer’s floor and what’s not.

In very quick measure, I’m able to see areas of concern, where money is being left on the table and plot a course of action to turn these areas or stores into income generators.

When I’m working with clients that require a fresh approach retail floor make over, MACY’S is top of mind to me on how retailing is done right and I’m more than happy to share some of their winning strategies.

To give some brief background, MACY’S Inc had fiscal sales of about $ 27.9 billion in 2013. They operate about 840 stores in 45 states. MACY’S workforce is diverse and includes approximately 172,500 employees.

Having just returned from Las Vegas, the MACY’S located in The Fashion Show Mall is still fresh in my mind, so I’ll use this shop as my basis today. However it’s important to know their standards are the same throughout their entire operation.

The magic of MACY’S key observations and winning strategies:

  • Clean, clean, clean – This MACY’S has two separate stores covering two floors each. The square footage is huge! Every single department in every area was spotless. It shows they care.
  • Lighting – The lighting was perfect. Bright and clean, no dark areas and the spot lights were placed perfectly over the displays they were featuring. It shows they care.
  • Clearly Marked Departments – No mixed messages here, departments are clearly defined and product mixes stay within their zones. The signage is superb, each department is specialized. It shows they care.
  • Big Open Walkways – Clean paths to navigate the store make life good! No pop up clearance tables or hanging racks in the walkways. A perfect balance is created between the merchandise and the consumer. It shows they care.
  • Abundant Selection – Every department from fashion to jewelry, bed and bath to dining was very well appointed. Stocked shelves and a deep selection of product mix shows that they mean business. It shows they care.
  • Background Music – Every department had its own groove happening. In the men’s wear area they were playing some cool blues. By the shoe department some upbeat dance. No local yokel radio being played here, they made the music personal. It shows they care.
  • Friendly, attentive, present and pleasant staff – Knowledgeable, present and pleasant staff makes all the difference. No pushiness, just really a pleasure to talk to. These people are really into what they are doing. It shows they care.

Now let’s set the record straight. I know most retailers do care about their clients shopping experience and you are probably one of those retailers. The problem is, often retailers become so busy in the day to day nature of business they become blind to the details of their business that once set them apart. It’s just good to take an honest look at your operation now and again with clear focus and without distraction. It’s also important to know you don’t have to have a MACY’S budget to do a great job. I know you care.

I could go on and on raving about MACY’s, but I’ve got some shopping to do. Happy retailing!


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