The Victory Monologues

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I believe that in one’s personal life as in business, you don’t wait for a certain date to make changes; you take charge and act immediately on the things you wish to achieve and transform.

Having consulted with many companies over the years, I continually see how the waiting game has become the slide downhill for many businesses that otherwise had been excelling for generous periods of time.

The past number of years have been exceptionally challenging for even the most seasoned of veterans in the retail landscape, as well as the bright and shiny new upstarts wishing to set Main Street ablaze with their brick and mortar charm or in the cyber world with their online polish and dazzle.

My advice this year for those companies that wish to not only survive but actually kick it up a notch and live in the black is very simple – Take Action.

Victory in 2014 will be given as it has been for years for those businesses that ride and embrace the wave of change and take action now.

Find enclosed my Top Ten tips for creating what your business needs to take a Victory Lap into the black and beyond in 2014.

  1. Take Action Now
  2. Take Action Now
  3. Take Action Now
  4. Take Action Now
  5. Take Action Now
  6. Take Action Now
  7. Take Action Now
  8. Take Action Now
  9. Take Action Now

10. Take Action Now

Get the point?

If your business needs to head in a different direction – take action now. If your staff needs extra coaching or guidance – take action now. If you need to change staff – take action now. If you’re not happy with some of your suppliers – take action now. If you’re not happy with your street location or visibility online – take action now. If you’re not happy with your business partners – take action now. If you are still holding onto outdated business practices that no longer serve you or your company- take action now. 

We could go on and on with this, the main take away is, it’s always better to do something rather than not do anything. We live in times of rapid change while dealing with an over stimulation consumer sector. It’s important you start taking action rather than procrastinating, your team and the clients you serve will take notice, and it will be Victorious for all!

Have a spectacular 2014 everyone.