Truth or dare

You can learn a lot about your own company, if you have the guts and an open mind enough to appreciate and respect the truth.

Companies that encourage their staff to be vocal and honest with them about how they can improve experiences, have less staff turnover, higher client retention and make more profit. You see, when you allow people to contribute with their minds, you’re contributing to the future, yours and theirs.

When I do on-location custom business reviews for clients, I make sure I’m able to talk with the staff on the front line, it’s where truth lives.

If you’re willing to accept some creative observation from your team, I commend you. If you feel you can handle the truth about how things could improve, I double dog dare you to print this off and have your staff answer the questions attached.

Have them give it back to you when complete. Start a conversation with them regarding their observations. Be respectful and appreciative for what you may learn. This is an exercise in positivity on how to improve and grow – It’s not to be treated as a negative.

Got guts?

  1. In our business, are we the very best at what we do? If not, in what areas could we improve?
  2. Do we continually deliver the best customer experience available? If not, how can we improve?
  3. Are our company’s systems and processes smooth and seamless allowing for an effective, quick and efficient experience for our customers?
  4. Do we operate in complete transparency? Are we transparent enough with our team and our clients regarding important information?
  5. In our business, are we coaching, mentoring, guiding and managing everyone to be all they can be? If not, how could we improve?
  6. Do you personally feel, you could contribute more to our company than we ask of you? If so, in what ways?
  7. Do you feel our customers look forward to seeing us? If not 100% how could we improve?
  8. Is our company keeping current with all the trends and changes that are going on around us?
  9. Do we continually give you all the tools you personally need to develop and succeed in our company? If not, how could we improve?
  10. What would be the one big thing you would have our company change if we could change it right now?

Good job!

Positive communication is key to operating a successful business. The important thing is to never stop asking questions. I triple dog dare you to carry on the conversation from this point on.


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