Voted Most Popular


Having done sales training for many prominent public and private companies over the years, I have been witness to many obstacles that constantly cause angst in the strongest of sales managers and their sales teams.

One such hurdle that affects even the most seasoned sales force is the perception of the company they represent vs. their direct competitors in regarding who is number one. We live in a world filled with more and more of a “look at me” type attitude. Many business sectors creating their own type of award ceremonies (much like the Oscars are to Hollywood) to sing their own praises and many other companies claiming fame that they are number one because a particular group of people were polled or voted and they came in first place in the popularity contest for that moment in time.

When we take a practical deeper dive and really analyze the data on those companies that rate voted best in (fill in the blank) you begin to see there has never really been a number one or most popular except to those people that personally feel that business or its products or services are number one to them. They still do not necessarily represent the majority.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be best in show, ride your wave while you can, but it simply does not mean you are going to be the right match for every consumer. This is where a strong sales manager can coach his sales force to great success when up against the flavor of the month.

Think about this, if you were to ask ten of your closest friends who manufactured the best car in the market, would they all come up with the same manufacturer? I highly doubt it. Does that fast food hamburger maker that has sold billions of burgers on our planet make the best hamburger in the market or have you had better? It’s all about our own personal taste and style, no size fits all.

The point of the story is you have to have the confidence in your company, your product and yourself. It does not matter if you are not number one, you just have to attract and serve those that personally feel you are the right match for them and are best at serving their needs. Don’t get caught up in the hype of other companies blowing their horn, get up on stage and show the world what you have to offer. Be unique just like the clients you want to attract and you will build strong lasting customer relationships that will last far longer than being the flavor of the month.

Rise above life’s popularity contests, don’t try to be everything to everybody and make sure you follow your dream; you may be surprised how many people will want to join you if you beat to your own drum in business and life.