WTF – Worry, Truth and Fear



My company RetailEvolution has built it’s strong successful reputation on some sound principles that I believe to the core – Tell the Truth and Make the information relative in a Direct approach – Real speak way.

We are living in a New Economy that is not only changing the way we retail, it is changing the way the consumer is proccessing  information they are given prior to making their buying decisions.

The truth be known, you are all in a all out competition for the most precious commodityThe customers time, what you decide to do with that time will make or break your success – Your people, product and process must be superior.

So WTF – Let’s talk Worry.

Get over it! – Way to many of you Worry way to much about what might or might not happen. I have consulted with many high end retailers over the years and am still surprised on how worry tends to get in their way of increased sales and profitability. So many of these retailers are in very specialized markets that have exclusivity in many cases to their general area – Yet they fret about the consumer going out of town, out of state, out of province to buy – Get over it! You and your staff  have to have and give a truthful compelling story each and every time in Clear and Quick form why you should be the choice.

So WTF – Let’s talk Truth.

Here’s some Real Speak For You – If you can’t tell the truth to your staff and customers 100% of the time – You should not be in business. Many Many times I have dealt with retailers that just can’t wrap their minds around how important the truth is – They constantly attract anger, dismay and plain old customer and staff dissatisfaction due to generally the Worry they have about maybe losing the deal or losing face – Get Over It! If the special order/custom order is going to take 3 months – Tell it like it is. If your product is not special enough for the consumer to wait that long or if your lead times from your suppliers are extreme – Just maybe you should look at a different product mix and new suppliers? But Tell The Truth. If the product has come in damaged – Tell the Truth. If the Advertising was wrong or if your sold out of a product – Tell the Truth. When it comes to staff if you have news to deliver good or bad  just do it but, – Tell the Truth.

So WTFLet’s Talk Fear.

Want some more Real Speak?  Here It goes,  I believe in The Direct Approach – Fear has sunk more businesses than I care to elaborate on.

We are retailing in some very chaotic times, these are times to embrace your fears and act on something, anything,  just do it. If you stand still and do nothing – I can guarantee your business will not continue to operate to the level you may need it to – You must separate yourself from the competitive herd, playing it safe is for yesterdays retailers – Live in the Fringe – You must get over the fear that is holding you back and become Risk Happy.

We are Living in a “Brand You” World people – Be Distinct or Extinct it’s your choice – That’s a little Real Speak for you!


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